Monday, May 8, 2017

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I've started a new semester.  As a 40+ non-traditional student the beginning of each semester is odd feeling and interesting at the same time.  I often get confused with professors, and get some strange looks.  But as the semester progresses and I meet people in class, I find the age thing kind of disappears, and we're all just people.

This semester I'm taking three courses - a religion course, a course to prepare us for an upcoming writer's conference at Sundance with creators of shows like Stranger Things, Portlandia, The Office, Parks & Rec, Baskets, and The Good Place.  Should be amazing.

But I'm really writing this blog for my class, MCOM 320.  I think the MCOM stands for management Communications.  It is supposed to fill an upper division writing course.  However I've found myself in a very terrifying situation.  I love hiding in the shadows.  I love sitting in the back of the room and not really existing.  I hate the spotlight.  I don't like meeting new people and being outgoing.  I can edit by myself in a dark cave for hours on end and be happy as a clam.  But this class is a part of the Marriott school of business.  I'm not a type A person.  But for this class I'm going to have to pull myself out of my shell and contribute, participate, and not hide.  SCARY!  There has been a lot of talk about being leaders, managers, etc. in the class so far.  I  am none of those things.  Nor do I want to be.  As a 40+er, I've come to know who I am, and it's not that.

That being said, I do love screenwriting.  But what's the part about screenwriting that most screenwriters just loathe?  Simple... the pitch.  Yep.  That.  Standing in front of a group of people as they evaluate your work.  Talk about being in front of a spotlight.  You've spent months, sometimes years perfecting your work, and in a few short minutes, you and your work are being sized up.  Well, MCOM to the rescue!  I know this class is going to be emotionally taxing on me.  But if I can endure and learn what my professor is teaching, my ability to stand in front of a group and present my ideas will be much better.  So I embrace the opportunity (with fear and trembling), and look forward to being able to handle the pitch.

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  1. Grant, I hope you'll be willing to stand in front of our class and deliver one of your project pitches! I welcome your talents, your personality type, and your wisdom. I look forward to reading more.